Groningen student associations in Groningen love making a bit of music, as is clear from the history of the Zwemfest festival. Even before the festival was founded, the music association Braindrain was organized by the study association of Psychology (VIP). The study association of History (GHD Ubbo Emmius) also had its own festival, called Hutzpop. Due to varying successes, it was decided in 2002 to join forces and in 2003 the first edition of Zwemfest was a fact. Characterized by the large yellow rubber duck that serves as the festival’s logo, Zwemfest developed more and more as a festival for upcoming bands. This is something that is still known today. Soon the festival settled in the halls of pop stage Simplon, where it would take years to come. At the seventh edition of the festival, the study association of Biology and Life Science & Technology (GLV Idun) joined the organization. Each association from that moment issued two members who took place in the committee.
In order to further expand the attendance and the possibilities of the festival, the three study associations in 2013 went looking for a fourth study association that wanted to take a seat in the organization. Since the year 2013-2014, the study association of Spatial Sciences (Ibn Battuta) has joined the committee. Since then, the organization of the festival has consisted of eight people who have committed themselves to the full 100% every time to make Zwemfest a great success. In this year it was also decided to hold the festival in a different location: pop stage VERA.
Bands that have been on Zwemfest have often kicked it much further. Bands that have entered the stages of Zwemfest include:
Yakumo Orchestra (editie 2015)

The Mysterons (editie 2015)

Project Bongo (editie 2014)

When We Are Wild (editie 2014)

Orange Skyline (editie 2013)

The Tightropes (editie 2013)

Milk Bar (editie 2011)

Voicst (editie 2003)


Other names that played on Zwemfest:

Vox Von Braun | BlackboxRed | I Kissed Charles | L!CK | Capeman | A Polaroid View | Kids with Guns | Woody & Paul | Wooden Constructions | A Silent Express | Rococo | The Hot Stewards | Oh, Brave Wide Eyes | Woot | Eisenhower | A Certain Romance | Pioneers of Love | Tenement Kids | Mundo Park | Adam & The Relevants | Daily Bread | Sprokkelhout | Apneu | Lyrebird  | The Shady Greys | Orange Fox |Animal Antics | Semantic Drift | MOOON


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